About Us

MAJA Consulting is a full-fledged service law firm with a strong expertise in various areas including corporate, M&A, employment, litigation, restructuring, financing and capital market.

In MAJA Consulting, we believe every client is unique in terms of issues they face and their resources to solve the issues, which therefore require unique treatment. This would be of our mindset when dealing with issues faced by our clients.

The ability to “Adapt” is one of our fundamental value and we determine to inspire the same with our clients. The key result of being able to adapt is it will ensure our client’s business be “Sustain” in overcoming the uncertainty. Once the business is sustain getting through challenging situations, we trust the business will grow and “Resurgent” in time.

MAJA (Aegle Marmelos) also known as bila or bael, is a rare species of tree native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It has a reputation for being able to grow in places that other trees cannot. It copes with a wide range of soil conditions, able to grow at a high altitudes and has an unusually wide temperature tolerance

Such ability to thrive in different conditions is what the people in MAJA consulting adapt and belief in, and hope to inspire our clients and surroundings.

We are here to help

There is a solution to every problem. It is out job to figure out for you a solution to whatever problems pop out.

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